This is another post from my original blog. Originally posted August 28th, 2013

Hockinson, Washington is an interesting place. About 15 miles ENE of central Vancouver, it’s not quite out in the boonies, but it’s far enough out, and the Forest is thick enough that it feels quite isolated from the rest of the world. Thus, it seems the folk aren’t used to being bothered. And while most have little to no interest in religion, they’ve been mostly friendly.
D— J—- is an investigator that the old missionaries ran into while tracting another area. He has a beautiful 10 acre plot of marginally wooded land, and is very much one with nature. He has a very good relationship with God, but simply doesn’t believe God has a body or a plan for us. To him, God is an essence that is with all living things. Thus religion seems pointless to him. We left him with homework: read 2 Ne 31, and ask god if it’s true. I’m skeptical that he will, but we left him our names and number on a card should he ever feel compelled to learn truth. I’m not sure truth means much to him.
P— W— is also an elderly man who has a good relationship with God. He believes in a tier of higher beings that are superior to us, one of which seems to have a special interest in us. Organized religion has no appeal to him; too much world strife has been caused by it for it to be of God. he is in constant communication with God, and thinks it arrogant of humanity to think we could ever grasp God’s being or the real nature of the universe. He thinks that clearly humanity doesn’t belong here, as our nature is so contrary with the rest of the beings here on Earth. P— loves talking to us, but has no intention of converting.
Both men have such unique and full relationships with God, yet somehow neither are ready. I hope to learn more, but I trust God has a plan for both.
In other news, Elders are no longer worth 50 points apiece for smearing with a car. There are no sidewalks or shoulders on these roads. Don’t hit me, please.
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