Called of God

When I was set apart by the Stake President to be a missionary, I didn’t feel any different. Heck, right after that I went long boarding down Provo Canyon with my friends without a second thought. I’m still not sure I feel any different, yet something is different. Words come without thought or effort, yet have dramatic effects on those I teach. Questions come to my mind during my study time that i find being asked, sometimes hours later, by investigators, and answers come almost as effortlessly and “mysteriously”. Am I different now that I’m a missionary? Hard to say. Probably…

I’m often reminded of an episode of Futurama I love: Bender the robot is drifting through space after a spaceship wreck, when an asteroid deposits a minute civilization on his chest and back. The chest civilization thinks Bender is God, and starts worshiping him. Through his misguided attempts to help these people, he inevitably leads them to their demise in a nuclear holy war against the “Atheistic” back dwellers. He finally meets “God”, whom Bender asks: why doesn’t he do more for earth? God laughs, pointing out Bender’s failed attempt at being God, saying “When I’ve done right, people don’t think I’m doing anything at all”.

God values our agency above all things. It’s a universal right which he holds dear, and does his utmost to protect. When possible, he accomplishes his work through his children, through subtle, perfectly precise means. Even as one of his designated tools, the thoughts and ideas are quiet, friendly, and if I didn’t understand how revelation works, I wouldn’t notice at all.

In the car, I put my sunglasses on, look at my companion with a goofy, lopsided grin, and say “We’re on a mission from God”. – See The Blues Brothers; Dan Akroyd says it a lot. –

I’m just starting to see what that really means.

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