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A blog needs POSTS Mr filter man

Well, after discovering last weeks post was killed by whatever email filter they have going on here, I guess I need to make sure I only say positive things about the MTC in this one… :p

Life at the MTC is quite busy. In fact, yesterday we had an 8 hour workshop called In-Field orientation. I have a cold however, and found it hard to do anything except shade in all the circles in the letters in the workbook we had. 
The MTC schedule is very structured, and very little free time is available. We teach role-played investigators, role-play our own investigators, and iron out the kinks in what we thought teaching the gospel would be like. I personally have found that the most difficult aspect of teaching is preventing what I like to call the “Information Fire Hose”. You know, running at the mouth. It becomes very easy to take for granted the complexity of what we consider to be very simple subjects. I guess that’s what happens when you start teaching the Plan of Salvation to five year olds. 
They work very hard to keep the campus as aesthetically pleasing as possible, but we still can’t help but call it “spirit prison”. It’s very spiritual here, and we can’t leave. 
I very much hope that what I write in the future will have more entertaining aspects to it, as I assure you, there is very little entertainment to be had at the MTC. 
By the way, I realized I forgot to post my email here….unfortunately for you, I don’t plan on it. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, Congratulations! That’s where it is. If not, sorry. I don’t like spam. 😀